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Anti-Cannabis Defeat

By Stan Golovich The dwindling population of anti-cannabis crusaders in our town suffered another defeat at Tuesday's meeting of our City Council to hear an appeal of the Planning Commission's 5-0 decision to permit our first cannabis dispensary at 160 East N Street. As expected, the council locked up at 2-2, and the appeal failed. Tom Campbell had to recuse since he lives less than 400 feet away.    Only sixty-one citizens objected, offering the same assurances of crime, etc. since day 1 of cannabis hearings. It is important to reaffirm the role of our Chief of Police in these matters. He has consistently testified that sound legislative policy, advanced security design, and diligent oversight are consistent with trouble-free dispensary operations he has observed in his career. Our city requires a Public Safety License sign-off from the Chief before any cannabis-related business can operate. That should be sufficient for those that harbor fears about regulated cannabis sales b